Business Consulting is a Broad Term and Commonly Misunderstood

You show up to the business you oversee on a daily basis and feel like so many things aren’t getting done the way you know they should be. Times are changing and there are new strategies on the horizon.

It nags at the back of your mind. Constantly. But in the midst of “too busy” day-to-day, milestones go by. 1st quarter, 2nd quarter… before you know it, a new year has arrived. The increase in productivity hasn’t happened and along with it the revenue you know the company is capable of producing is off too.

Those voices that wake you up at night, keep saying I want to implement new strategies but the team I have doesn’t see it that way. They might be simply opposed to change. There could be personality conflicts. There’s that part of it too, where you know you can’t see the forest through the trees right in front of you. At the same time, you know you need change as painful as it might be. Progress requires change. So many things that could be implemented. But what SHOULD be implemented? What will make the difference to go from good to great?

It’s frustrating. The responsibility gets heavy. Whether you own the company, manage it, or are a C-suite executive, you can get caught up doing things the same way knowing there’s a better way.

This is where hiring a business consultant can turn not only your companies destiny around but your personal life becomes vibrant too. As tough as you are, woman or man, being the fall person to get change isn’t fun and can get put off far too long. Working with a business consultant can change all that and bring a number of results in several areas of business such as:

Identify problems
Gett the ball rolling on change
Implement new technology
Providing objectivity
Improving efficiency
Developing systems
Providing accountability

A good business consultant is going to ask a lot of questions and find out the purpose and process behind what is currently being done within the existing business. What’s most important to convey in the process is where your business is now and where you want it to be.

Oftentimes taking the steps to where you want to be as the business leader remains somewhere in the future, in the midst of dealing with the current day-to-day. More often than not, it doesn’t need to be that way. A few slight tweaks along with some implementation can change everything for businesses, small to corporate. That’s what a good business consultant does.

Finding a good business consultant doesn’t have to be as hard as it might seem. Simply put, if you are talking to a business consulting firm and they aren’t listening to you, move on immediately. A good business consultant wants to know the ins and outs of your business, what works, what doesn’t. Where you want to be is also an important part for who you hire.

Organizational skills and the use of automated technology are skills the business consultant of 2019 will come with naturally. Ask questions and find a good fit to work with.

Constructive criticism is a quality you should look for in a good business consultant. Creativity, implementation and a management strategy to move your business are all qualities to seek in finding a business consultant that works well with your company.

Business consultants fix businesses like doctors fix broken bones, dentists fix teeth, and landscapers fix overgrown out of control yards. They are part operations, part problem solver, and part executive therapists!

At JWRX, we specialize in:

  1. Management and strategy. We have a deep understanding of your particular market and bring the best practices from your industry (or even other industries) to your company. If you’re looking to expand your markets geographically, extend your product portfolio, reorganize your middle market company to promote efficiency and cost-effectiveness, buy out a smaller competitor, or increase your overall capabilities, then hiring a management/strategy consultant can make perfect sense.
  2. Operations. Improve the quality and efficiency of your production processes. We create and implement a new way of doing just that. As business consultants we specialize in business process re-engineering, meaning, we come in and map out your existing processes, analyze opportunities for reducing the number of steps in that process while maintaining quality, and re-engineering your processes in a way that reduces steps and costs. We are experts in quality control systems and can help you make changes that will reduce defects.
  3. Marketing. Whether you need a new logo for your company, a new market position for one of your brands, or a new social media strategy to interact with your customers, we can help. Implementing new technology can help the automation and reliability, creating efficient processes with checks and balances. We can offer you a creative spark when your own people have run out of ideas, letting you see what other companies have done to attract more customers.

We’d love to talk to you about your business.

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