Content Marketing Doesn't Work

Here’s Why Content Marketing Isn’t Working For Your Business

This might seem like a really strange bit of information for us to post considering we run a Marketing Firm and create content on the regular. But here’s another interesting fact about us that may be the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to getting better at marketing for your own company. We … Read more

Kartra Image Size Guide

If you are looking for what Kartra images sizes to use, here’s your guide. Kartra does it all. Seriously. If you’ve been struggling with basic or advanced “funnels” Kartra IS the answer to your problem. It does it all. Wait, you don’t have Kartra because you’re looking for the one, $1,000,000 funnel in ClickFunnels?!! You … Read more

5 Professional Athletes Who Use CBD

CBD for Athletes In addition to using CBD as a means of treating or even preventing certain medical ailments, this cannabinoid is also being looked at as a means to improve athletic performance by some of the top athletes in the world. CBD, or cannabidiol, oil already has mounting evidence to back up its potential to alleviate … Read more

Social Media in the Entrepreneurial World

You could say that AOL was one of the pioneers of social media marketing, but what social media looked like then versus now has changed drastically. Today, so many of us rely on social media in our personal and business lives and would probably feel lost without it. Evolution Since You’ve Got Mail… Remember logging … Read more

Valuable Connections In The Online World Are Created When You GIVE Amazing Value

One of the things that makes me so proud about our Facebook Group Jana NetWorks is that it provides value. It has become a place where entrepreneurs can come and ask a question, share a win, or give a helpful tip to fellow entrepreneurs. Part of the reason that our group functions this way is … Read more

5 Topics You Need to Consider When Determining Your Niche

Niche down Find your tribe. Know your ideal client. However you want to word it, finding that group of people that your business targets is fundamentally important in creating a business that has some staying power. The Fear of Niching Down I know what you’re thinking: “What if I niche down and then I alienate … Read more

Structure In Your Business And Everything You Need to Know

Structure is one of those things that new business owners put on the back burner. It can be easy to get tunnel vision and just focus on profit, sales, and client acquisition. But what you might not realize is that structure allows you to streamline your processes so that you can increase all the fun … Read more

Entrepreneur Tools You Need to Succeed

There’s a simple reason why entrepreneurs are such big fans of systems – they save time. As my entrepreneurial spirit animal April Ludgate so eloquently put it, “Times is money, money is power, power is pizza, pizza is knowledge…” I mean, apart from the pizza part, it’s all true. Time is money in the business … Read more