Business Consulting is a Broad Term and Commonly Misunderstood

You show up to the business you oversee on a daily basis and feel like so many things aren’t getting done the way you know they should be. Times are changing and there are new strategies on the horizon. It nags at the back of your mind. Constantly. But in the midst of “too busy” … Read more

Social Media in the Entrepreneurial World

You could say that AOL was one of the pioneers of social media marketing, but what social media looked like then versus now has changed drastically. Today, so many of us rely on social media in our personal and business lives and would probably feel lost without it. Evolution Since You’ve Got Mail… Remember logging … Read more

Structure In Your Business And Everything You Need to Know

Structure is one of those things that new business owners put on the back burner. It can be easy to get tunnel vision and just focus on profit, sales, and client acquisition. But what you might not realize is that structure allows you to streamline your processes so that you can increase all the fun … Read more