Content Marketing Trends To Watch in 2019

The face of marketing is changing. Yet, with all the changes in social media platforms and how people consume their information, one thing is certain: Content marketing is here to stay. The content marketing industry is estimated to be worth $400 billion by 2021.
Good reason to study up on the latest trends and start practicing them today. We can no longer just throw ads out there over and over and expect people to have any sort of reason to buy. Instead authenticity is taking over.Yes, once and for all we can get real in marketing campaigns.When it comes to any type of marketing, authenticity, transparency, and value are going to be essential. Case in point:

  • 90% of millennials says authenticity is important when choosing which brands, products or service they support.
  • 86% of consumers say that authenticity is a key differentiator that leads to a purchasing decision
  • 73% of consumers would pay more for a product if the company behind it promises transparency
  • 94% of consumers say they would remain loyal to a brand that provides complete transparency

The Funnel Shape Will Change

The marketing funnel is going to be more important than ever. Gone are the days of a perfectly branded feed with no real information in it. Whether it’s on Instagram or blog posts, consumers are on the lookout for real information that means something to them.

Forbes on content funnels: A change in mindset and a library of high-quality content will replace this traditional funnel with something more sustainable (and effective). The funnel is becoming more of an ongoing cycle that prioritizes continuous engagement over transactional relationships. This increased focus on nurturing, especially post-sale, makes customers more likely to stay with you or buy again — and more likely to give recommendations to friends and colleagues.

With content, you can transition your brand from vendor to partner. To be honest, someone else in your space can almost always come in and undercut you on price. But when you continuously engage your clients, build lasting trust, and form genuine partnerships, you’ll have much greater staying power.

Micro Moments

People are searching for what they want online. And they are looking for specific answers. Catch those moments with content that answer “I want to know” moments, “I want to go” moments, “I want to do” moments and “I want to buy” moments.

Quality does not always mean lengthy! It means preparing content that is straight up and quick (for the most part). Instagram is the great qualifier here. A photo is worth a thousand words. And no, it no longer needs to be branded perfectly so that your feed is matching all the way through. (Whew!) The important thing is when someone looks at it, they identify with the image in some way. They then read the story, they click the bio, the funnel begins.

Yes, you should be capturing those clicks with a way to get back to them with guess what?

More specific authentic real information. It’s what winning will look like in an ongoing micro moment content marketing.  

Content Marketing Strategy

As more and more social media platforms are coming out, it’s literally impossible to be on them all. And yet, it is the mistake many are making.

Trending in the New Year is picking social media platforms that speak best to your customer and doing quality content on them versus less thought out content pasted everywhere.

We’ve had clients insist they want to develop a Facebook audience and advertising when their demographic are bailing out of Facebook by the droves. It will pay to delve into where your audience is really hanging out.

When looking at the trending platforms oftentimes we at JWRX tend to match the type of information your audience is looking for with the platform those people are hanging out on.  We also look for those that have the ability to keep at least some of your content available for people to find over and over again either through search or a feed that includes access to a collection of your work. It’s described in marketing terms as “evergreen content” and it is the best path to quality content once per day rather than 10 times per day in order to stay top of mind on a social media feed.

Many platforms have a scrolling format that show your content once, unless you pay in a mighty way to keep reshowing it over and over again. A giant effort in consistency x 100 goes into those platforms, but done correctly using the right tools with a little help from an initial business strategy plan, these platforms can create the path your ideal customer travels naturally.

To wrap it up, make sure you figure out what your authentic message is, create great content that falls under the 4 Micro Moment pillars I want to know”, “I want to go”, “I want to do” and “I want to buy”. Reassess and revamp your content funnel and stop trying to make every social media platform work for your message.

Would you like do know how we

  • revamped a funnel
  • picked the right social media
  • how much content we created
  • exactly how many posts we did
  • on what social media platforms
  • to get an increase in our clients revenue by 393% in 6 weeks

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