Here’s Why Content Marketing Isn’t Working For Your Business

This might seem like a really strange bit of information for us to post considering we run a Marketing Firm and create content on the regular. But here’s another interesting fact about us that may be the answer you’ve been looking for when it comes to getting better at marketing for your own company.

We like to tell companies exactly the way it is. #truth

We’re aware that might be shocking to you.  Considering we have people looking for a boost in their marketing efforts on a weekly basis that literally tell us they have PTSD over paying big dollars to an agency and getting zero return in the end, we figure there’s a good possibility if you’re reading this you might feel the same.

Yet, as a business you have to get your message out there and in 2019 consumers want content, not ads. Though content marketing may seem like a bit of a buzzword, it’s been around for a long time. With social media becoming a must for all types of businesses, the content marketing bar is raised as a must have.

Content marketing has actually surpassed SEO (search engine optimization) and PPC (pay per click) in popularity and is right up there with social media marketing.

Content marketing trend 2019

So why isn’t content marketing working for your business?

It comes down to a couple of things between the company and the marketing team’s perspective. More often than not, they either have the wrong expectations or the wrong creation and promotion strategies. And when content marketing isn’t deployed right, when there is no strategy behind the message, or a clear path where you want to take your audience, it simply doesn’t work.

So how is content marketing different than SEO?

Most companies cringe these days at the mention of SEO. Why?

Because if you’ve been in the game at all, you’ll know that SEO takes time and a lot of money. In fact good marketing agencies will tell you it takes a minimum of 6 months to see any results at all and don’t look to really rank for up to a year of consistent links. Think about it, there are a maximum of 10 spots on the front page of Google depending on your device and browser. That’s a lot of links to build authority to beat out others.

Content marketing however, can take some time and this is where some companies get confused. Remember we talked about truth. Yes, we’re telling you the truth. You won’t hit the jackpot on one article. But you certainly aren’t going to sit around 6 months before your even found using a good content marketing strategy.

This is where working with a marketing agency that spends the time to get your company story, why you are doing what you are doing and exactly what it is you want to drive customers to is so important.

There are indeed agencies that put content up for you, but without an in depth strategy plan coupled with an agency just trying to throw content out to make it look like they are working for you, this is where content marketing does not work for you.

We’ve found that content marketing with a clear strategy is in fact getting results.

  • In 2019 consumers want content, not ads. Consumers can smell a pitch a mile away.
  • People don’t want constant email promotions, they do want email that is informational.
  • Younger generations are anti-ads. 84% of millennials don’t trust ads according to PR Daily surveys.
  • Ad blocking is the norm.

If you are interested in telling us your company story and exploring the content that can work for your company, whether you create it or we do, book an exploratory call with us now.

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