Two Powerhouse’s Merge to Create JWRX

You might be wondering how the two women at the helm of JWRX got into the industries we are currently doing our business strategies and content marketing in. What do Athlete Wellness, CBD, and Blockchain have to do with one another anyway? is a Business Consulting and Marketing Content Firm that solves complex business problems by leveraging content and technology using micro moment concepts to capture people’s attention. Clough has been in marketing since 1988, while Rowland was born in 1988. She’s now been in the marketing world for the last 6 years while Clough has been marketing for 30 years as of May 2018.

Things have changed over those years in the marketing world, that’s for sure. But the one thing that hasn’t changed and is a catalyst for continued success in a very noisy market is the ability to see a different angle. When people are zigging, it’s time to zag.

That ability also can be described as resourceful, or even outside the box. That’s where we really took off and ended up tying the three industries together.

Actually, we didn’t go after them, they came after us. And here’s why.

Athlete Wellness

Jt has been an athlete all of her life really. There’s a long list of activities amongst the 9 time Ironman finisher (2 Kona World Championship races included). The fact that she’s also been an entrepreneur and is around professional sports all the time, marketing in this area was natural.

Jana is the Co-founder of Activ8 Athletes, LCC, an Athletic Development Youth Sports Club located in Carlsbad, CA. She founded it with her significant other, Anthony “TJ” Moreno. TJ is the Co-founder of Activ8 Athleticism, a sports performance company located in Carlsbad as well. How did these two come together? Well, Jana and TJ met while Jana interned at Activ8 and the rest is history…

Blockchain and Cryptocurrency

So how did Blockchain and Cryptocurrency land on the marketing landscape?

While creating the marketing campaign for a production show in marketing, shark tank style in Hollywood, a funded Blockchain / Cryptocurrency company whose Founder comes from teaching rocket science at the US Air Force Academy, came to Clough and asked her to create an entire marketing campaign and strategic content calendar for their company.

“But I don’t know anything about Blockchain or Cryptocurrency” was Clough’s response. “We don’t care, we watched how you creatively put this whole project together, overcoming hurdles in that would have stopped most. We want that for our project.”

Over the next year Clough got well versed in Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. She discovered that the biggest hurdle they had was to educate people 101 style to bridge what they knew to the general public they were trying to reach. Learn Basic Blockchain a 101 learning platform was created out of that. But the project as a whole made Clough realize how one of her gifts is marketing outside the box.

Shortly after Clough started the blockchain project, most social media channels shut down all advertising to it. It was tough, but it was also a blessing in disguise. Once learning how to get around using creative ways to market in the industry, applying it to other areas was a breeze.

Enter the CBD Industry

While it’s true that CBD is legal in all 50 states, there are situations when it isn’t legal. The difference between legal and illegal typically depends on several important factors determined by the state in question.

Given that, it is also not always easy to market on many of the major platforms. The shutdown in this industry was out doing what was going on in Blockchain for a while. Though it’s becoming more acceptable, this is an area where creative content marketing is required as well.

What we bring to the current marketing world is the combination of understanding how to market with efficiency and micro moments using alternative or creative methods to get the message to the exact people who are interested.

It’s fun and it’s outside the box. It’s what we do best and why these niches, while they seem distant are very close together for us.

When it gets down to it, we are known to take the fluff out of what most big agencies will tell a company it needs and get down to the reality of how to capture attention to create real paying customers. That was the real blessing in disguise when we were shut down from the traditional channels in the beginning with blockchain and CBD.

As for the Athlete Wellness side, it’s a huge bonus. We don’t have to go outside the box always, but we can and that only adds to the bottom line for our clients in this industry.

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